Think Lucky

Think Lucky

Some may remember that dear lady Evadne Price who for many years followed the news on ATV television with a daily astrological spot called ‘seeing stars’ where she read daily predictions for the sun-signs from a large leather volume perched on her lap she always signed off the programme with the words “think lucky and you’ll be lucky”, which I used to think was a contradiction, when making a prediction about life’s pre-determined pattern.

However no matter what life has in store I am convinced that a person can create luck from any situation. “It’s not what happens it’s the way that our minds see it”. E.g. to some a thunderstorm is a frightening experience, to others an invigorating spectacle.

Psychologically speaking, thinking optimistically can be a great aid to getting the most out of any situation in life. To achieve this a good technique is to live for the moment and not worry about the events of the past or be concerned about future situations which the mind can logically anticipate which probably will never turn out the way you think anyway.

Or choose a person that you see as an icon, or someone you really admire, like an actor, imagine that you have their persona copy their actions and think as you imagine they think.

(More information about the TV legend Evadne Price, watch this space)


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From John Starkey life president of the Psychic Research Foundation of Great Britain.


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