Psychic Pets

In John’s view, the psychic potential of the human mind is endless. It emanates from that spiritual part of us all that is beyond the physical body. It is, therefore, part of our invisible presence, not only in mortal life but also in the ‘real life’ of the continuous existence of the human soul.

Profound enough, you might think, if that was all. Since appearing on Richard and Judy’s ‘This Morning’ and Joanne Malin’s ‘Psychic Pet Show’ on Live TV, John has realised that animals are extremely sensitive to psychic vibrations, both on a telepathic level and at a frequency range.

Many times, I have put out a message to a cat or a dog to obey a simple command. I would ask them with my ‘mind voice’, something like, ‘come here’ or ‘where do you most like to be?’

If the animal is a rescue animal, I would perhaps ask ‘what was the name of your previous owner?’ Often, the correct answer will come back in the form of a thought message. What fascinated me further was when the animal would often give names and information related to people who were deceased (in spirit), whom they had been associated with.

This special link is surely because we bestow our demonstrative love upon our animal friends. They are not influenced by human logic and all its restrictions. Instead, they are in touch with the ‘Pure Spirit’.

John has enjoyed some wonderful ‘conversations’ with animals both in this life and from beyond. He has often been able to locate missing animals by communicating with their departed relatives.

I look forward to continuing my communications with our animal friends for many years to come.

Max the dog

‘Strange But True’

A few years ago, John met a black panther; a truly lovely animal named Zig in Drayton Manor Zoo. This was through the television programme ‘Strange but True’ with Michael Aspel.

Zig was having difficulty settling into his new custom-built enclosure. The Zoo keepers had spoken to animal psychologists and vets but to no avail.

When John met Zig, it was obvious that he was ill at ease in the zoo.

I put out a very strong thought to him, simply saying ‘What is the matter?’. To my surprise, the answer came back that he was missing his mate, whom he had last seen in his former home, a circus.

Zig was suffering from grief. John Foden, the zoo’s representative, was able to confirm that Zig had indeed been part of a circus before he came to the zoo.

Zig also told John to look in the reptile house. So he and John Foden did exactly that.

John Foden asked me what I thought about one of the tortoises living in the reptile house. I replied that she had a health problem related to one of her legs. At that point Mr. Foden turned to me and said, ‘You are either tuned into the animals in a psychic way or a great con-man.’ He assured me afterwards that he believed the former!