Groups & Home Visits

Home Visits are fun and enlightening. Why not get a group together in your home and have John Starkey read for your friends and family?

John has appointments  located in Wolverhampton, London and North Wales. If you are unable to access or reach these areas then a Home Visit may be the perfect solution.

Home Visits are available for 5 or more people and can be held during daytime or evenings. Best of all, if 10 people or more have readings at a Home Visit,  a reduced price is available.

The Reading Process

John Starkey with spiritualist medium Anne Jones, Ada Melhuish at Palace Theatre, Redditch

John Starkey, pictured at the Palace Theatre, Redditch with medium Anne Jones (centre) and the late Ada Melhuish. Both exceptionally good spiritualist mediums

These readings are one-to-one in strict confidence. There is no time restriction on any reading. You will not be ‘pumped’ for information or be asked questions beforehand.

First of all, John will hold an item of yours, such as a watch or ring. Using his psychic intuition, he will tell you everything he can see clairvoyantly. John will then read tarot cards and is also an adept hand reader. At the end of the reading you are welcome to ask any questions you wish. All this will be recorded on an audio CD.

A deposit is payable on booking (non-refundable if cancelled). Most major credit/debit cards accepted.

Book Now

For more information or to arrange group or home visits please contact the main office on 01902 334224 or for other options, see the Contact Us page.