What the Mind Can Perceive, it Can Achieve

We have all the powers that we need to create all the changes we desire.

There is a secret about the human mind that has emerged since a greater understanding of quantum physics has been experienced.

thinking planningWe talk of ‘asking the universe’, or mind-talking the things we want, and this method of course always puts us in the position of waiting for what we want to happen. Sometimes it does present an answer to our plea, but more often than not, it does nothing except get put aside as a hope.

As with many mind secrets, the core is belief. So instead of wishing and hoping, why not live the thing you desire as if you already have them. Aim for the outcome of the achievement. Take the example of the martial arts master who wants to break a thick plank of wood. He/she will aim their concentration not on the wood but on the area underneath it, where the hand is intending to go having broken the wood in two. The subtle difference is that in asking the ‘universe’ for what is required, you are aiming at the ‘wood’, rather that at that which you are wanting (or intending) to receive.
pebbles balancing on beach

Remember, in universal terms everyone and everything is part of it. So when we use the energy of the universe through the vehicle of our consciousness (our mind), it is coming from the inner, invisible part of ourselves, our universal connection.

To achieve, we need to live our desires as if they are already with us!

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  • Angela Taylor| July 16, 2018

    Very inspiring Mr. Starkey. Thankyou

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