John’s first media appearance came with Pamela Armstrong on a television programme called ‘Pebble Mill at One’. This was followed by cameo spots on many channels.

John Starkey on The Psychic Pets Show

Look carefully in the bottom right-hand corner and you will see a devoted fan watching John Starkey on the Psychic Pets show, shown on Live TV in the late 90s

He then appeared in a series called ‘The Psychic Pet Show’ with Joanne Malin, doing readings for domestic and wild animals with behavioural problems. You may have seen John’s appearance on ‘Strange But True’ with Michael Aspel, when he picked up thoughts and messages from a black panther called Zig at Drayton Manor Park and Zoo, in Tamworth, Staffordshire.

More recently, John has appeared on TV shows such as  ‘This Morning’ with Fern Britten and Philip Schofield, GMTV with Lorraine Kelly, ‘Richard & Judy’, ‘Des and Mel’ and ‘The Paul O’ Grady Show’.

Other memorable moments have included an entertaining appearance on  ‘The Wright Stuff’,  when John was asked to give a reading to a pantomime horse! John has also featured on ‘Big Brother’s Little Brother’.


One of the first radio broadcasts John remembers doing was on Wiltshire Radio with Johnny Walker. For many years John regularly appeared on  ‘The Midnight Line’ on Beacon Radio with Ian Perry. This ran for several years, after which another regular show arose with Gordon Astley on BBC Radio WM.

John appeared several times with BBC WM’s Ed Doolan and in London on LBC Radio with Clive Bull. This was a popular phone-in show, where John did readings for callers live on air. During his two hour clairvoyant spot, John received 78,000 calls per hour. Obviously, John could only talk to a small proportion of the callers, but it made for fascinating radio.

John with Paul Shuttleworth (Shutsy) on Telford FM

Listen out for more phone-in radio broadcasts coming up soon.




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