Intuitive life coaching can help you to make the changes that will help you to get more out of your life.

“Day by day most people concentrate on surviving the Rigours of every day existence, and often these routines become boring and repetitive, often causing the build-up of stress and frustration. There really is more to life if approached in a different way. What is going to happen on this short journey will ‘happen anyway’; the secret is how you perceive it, and how you deal with it. That is the beginning of the exciting adventure that is INTUITIVE LIFE COACHING. Discover your potential and break the cycle of the behaviour you have become acustomed to. I will lead you to your full potential personally, financially and emotionally”.


Intuitive life coaching is suitable for many kinds of people and situations here are just a few:

Stress                                                               Emotional and relationship problems

Anger                                       Anxiety

Grief                                                                   Addiction

Boredom                                                          Fear

Heat break


“I can help you to deal with these problems and more by helping you to take control of your own life and see it in a different and clearer way. I am not here to judge you or cast opinions on your choices in life but to guide you in a better more fulfilling direction so you can be all you can be.”

To book an appointment call 01902334224 and see event pages for special life coaching retreats coming up.