About John Starkey


John with Paul Shuttleworth (Shutsy) on Telford FM

For over 40 years, John Starkey has practiced the art of clairvoyance. This means to ‘see’ things, not just with the physical eyesight, but with the foresight that  the subconscious mind permits. Some people call this subconscious dream the state of Medium, because this form of consciousness appears to be halfway between sleep and awake.

John Starkey was involved in regular radio shows ‘The Midnight Line’ on Beacon Radio with Ian Perry and Gordon Astley’s programme on BBC Radio WM.

John also had a very popular clairvoyant slot on Clive Bull’s phone-in show for LBC. This received up to 78,000 calls in one hour!

Listen out for more phone-in radio broadcasts coming up soon.

Early photo of John Starkey

First time behind the microphone, circa 1969

John has also been featured on TV programmes such as The Paul O’Grady Show, Strange But True, This Morning, GMTV and many more. Click here for more information.

John’s main work consists of giving clairvoyant readings at the offices in Wolverhampton, Birmingham, London and North Wales. John travels to all parts of the UK and abroad to visit groups of people at home (six or more) for readings. You can also catch him at events held throughout the year in various venues across the UK.

The Inner Potential Centre recently said about one of John’s evenings:

“John has never thought of his clairvoyant vision as a special gift: for him it belongs to every human being. Yet to most of us, his is a remarkable faculty. Detailed descriptions, information so accurate that it defies the law of chance, the ability to lock on to scenes far away as though he was right there, finding missing animals, retrieving lost jewellery… the list goes on and on.”