What the Mind Can Perceive, it Can Achieve

We have all the powers that we need to create all the changes we desire.

There is a secret about the human mind that has emerged since a greater understanding of quantum physics has been experienced.

thinking planningWe talk of ‘asking the universe’, or mind-talking the things we want, and this method of course always puts us in the position of waiting for what we want to happen. Sometimes it does present an answer to our plea, but more often than not, it does nothing except get put aside as a hope.

As with many mind secrets, the core is belief. So instead of wishing and hoping, why not live the thing you desire as if you already have them. Aim for the outcome of the achievement. Take the example of the martial arts master who wants to break a thick plank of wood. He/she will aim their concentration not on the wood but on the area underneath it, where the hand is intending to go having broken the wood in two. The subtle difference is that in asking the ‘universe’ for what is required, you are aiming at the ‘wood’, rather that at that which you are wanting (or intending) to receive.
pebbles balancing on beach

Remember, in universal terms everyone and everything is part of it. So when we use the energy of the universe through the vehicle of our consciousness (our mind), it is coming from the inner, invisible part of ourselves, our universal connection.

To achieve, we need to live our desires as if they are already with us!


An excerpt from a book which is a compilation of communications thought to be from beings in other dimensions.

This excerpt is on the nature of mediumship, or what is sometimes referred to as a ‘sixth sense’.


The concepts that have been referred to in the previous two chapters are a form of mediumship. Mediumship is the working of a frequency, the tuning of your antenna so that you can reach a vibration that is normally beyond your normal five senses. You can reach an area of sixth sense. This is comprised of hearing, seeing and sensing, but not seeing with the benefit of the eyes, seeing moreover with the benefit of feeling, because pictures are transported by feelings. Indeed, that is how you may see them, in the mind of what you may call your imagination, or the mind of what you may call your consciousness.

And so, I want you to take on board the theory that the first step of mediumship is understanding that what you see, whether it be with your eyes or with your deeper, inner vision is a product of feeling. And if you do not feel and you do not respond you will not see. That is a simple form of mediumship that will help you to make your way through the material plane in whichever way you see it.

And then, of course, the second way is conscious awareness. That simply means becoming conscious of what you are seeing through sensitivity. You see, an animal may observe itself in a mirror but will not realise that it is an animal itself – it will think that the image in the mirror is another animal – it will merely want to play. But as you, as human beings, are able to become consciously aware of yourself, so therefore conscious awareness is the second phase of mediumship.

Those feelings are mainly confined to your Earthly existence, but there is a third form too, and that form is where you are able to attune to the frequency of what we shall refer to as ‘the outer realms’. Dear friends, us, of course – us. All of those who have slipped into the veil of gas, the veil of non-material, shall we call it? It is easier to understand it that way. If I was to call it Savannah or Nirvana it would only be terminology, so I am going to call it ‘the realm of gas’. The realm of a sort of material matter, but only a visual one – oh, let’s call it ‘the realm of surreality.’

Consciousness – Part Two

An excerpt from a book which is a compilation of communications thought to be from beings in other dimensions.

This excerpt is on the nature of consciousness and the indestructibility of the spiritual presence.


You are an individual that is part of a great vortex of energy that is moving all the time, ever onward. And it can only move on when all the darkness is cleared. As we clear a little of the darkness, hour by hour, day by day, year by year, in those erroneous lies we call ‘time’, we must realise that we are clearing darkness and making light. You may validly ask the question: where are we moving to? And why? Well, my dear friends, let us say that at this stage of your existence you are learning to be. There is, throughout your whole Earth plane and throughout the whole universe and those that lie beyond, massive pools of untapped intelligence, exciting pools of untapped intelligence…But it is no good to you – yet – until you have gained every bit of intelligence that you can from the plane in which you live.

It is humility that will bring it. I do not mean the humility of Uriah Heep, your humble servant, I mean the humility to know that all things can only work at their best in peace. There are people, animals and all sorts of things that have not learned sufficiently about existence yet – and we send them our love. We also send them an amusing thought: that they need not be worried about how their factions war and about how they war with each other. Because they can destroy each other and mutate the flesh – they can destroy each other within the flesh – but they will never destroy their spiritual presence. They are their own worst enemies because they are trying to destroy each other physically and yet they will never ever destroy the situation of their own spirit. It is that which is very strong and it is that which shall prevail.

You see, there is another fundamental lesson and this fundamental lesson is that you can never destroy spirit You can never destroy spirit. It will re-manifest itself. You may destroy the world and turn it to ashes, but there will become a blade of grass or the germination o a seed or some other situation and it shall show itself and create new life.

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Consciousness – Part One

An excerpt from a book which is a compilation of communications thought to be from beings in other dimensions.

This excerpt is on the nature of consciousness


You, my dear friends, are being watched – not by the eyes of a judgmental God wishing to punish or chastise you – but you are being watched by facets of your own conscience. Your mother and father, your sister, your brother, whoever it may be that is in a different dimension, will communicate with you in many, many different ways. It s true that they will be able to, if you can open your minds sufficiently (and that is not difficult to do), they will be able to transmit themselves to you just as they were in their incarnation as you knew them, but that does not mean to say that that is the only part of them. Remember, the spirit is multi-faceted…

I want to put to you a theory: would it not be strange to you if every fowl of the air, fish of the sea, living blade of grass and every other living object on Earth, in your universe, was exactly the same spirit, just different manifestations of the same spirit? That’s one of the things that I will agree with the Bible about: “In my Father’s house there are many mansions”…There are many mansions within the house in which you live; and your father is yourself and your mother and your brother and your sister…but let us say your father, as expressed there, is your higher self.

Remember, it is a good idea to think of the dimension in terms of higher and lower. Lower in the physical state, higher in the spiritual state. I want to imagine your own spirit like a bird, after passing over, and your spirit can fly, or go anywhere quickly, simultaneous to any other existence. It can go wherever it wishes at your behest, at your command. Therefore, this is what I say to you: the knowledge and wisdom that you have accrued and that all that you have experienced and learned in you journey of life shall never be in vain, for the simple reason that you can use that wherever you wish once it is revealed to you.

You are all part, all of you, every single one of you, black, white, green, pink, however you look, whoever you are, you are all part of the same great mass of power that has created your Earth and the whole of the universe that surrounds it. There is a fundamental truth – there is no God greater than the God that lies within – and that is not to degrade anyone’s perception of God or the messengers or the angels of God. Do not misunderstand me; I say to you that you must have a realisation that as well as a spirit within you and a body without you and other manifestations of that body, you are who you are.


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A New Year

Wishing everyone a healthy and prosperous New Year. I see 2018 as being a year of massive change for most people, particularly around July and August, when an important governmental announcement could put smiles on a lot of faces. The threat of war around the end of the year will be quelled by a change of governance in the East. I like to keep my predictions positive, and my thoughts go out in the future to Reading in Berkshire. Keep your eye on Alabama too!


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Facing the Future

An excerpt from a book which is a compilation of communications thought to be from beings in other dimensions.


Never be afraid to face the future, it is only the present in another guise. All things are predetermined – you have known of them prior to the state we call birth. Why do you think you build up love for people? It is because love is a doorway by which you can tread between one dimension and another. SO, when I wish to visit, I think about one of my friends and I am there. Travelling here is instantaneous – I can be in the United States of America, or Great Britain, or wherever I wish in what you may call a nanosecond because I only have to think it.


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“if, as I believe it, the past as we call it still exists somewhere in the matrix we know as time , I would very much like to step back in time to meet with my ancestors who owned and operated the ship “Suzannah Dixon”, named after a member of our family.

I would also like to go and examine the old Snow Hill Station in Birmingham which was demolished in the 1970’s, and of which I have only vague recollections. It would satisfy me to see my mother and father again, and just to be aloud one kiss with an angel I met on earth(though one kiss would be awfully frustrating).

I am sure that in the events of the past time you can experience and replay and meet up with whoever you want to see, and wherever it is you would like to visit. Just be patient, wait until you are released from your body, and are free to roam the universe, and as you travel towards the right frequency or place as we call it, and ask that question…IS THERE ANYBODY THERE?. …………………………………………………………………………..





Dad, I know was tempted to tease the little mite but in the end he lifts her up onto the cart and sits her between the pair of us. I turn the old horse around, shouts, “Walk On!” and Sam sets off at a very gentle pace from whence we came. When we arrive at the little un’s house her mother is waiting for her in the street. I give “Fairther” the reins, jump down from the cart and lift the young un down. Her mother, a tall blond headed woman with a good figure, picks her up and gives her a cuddle while I sort out the dresses. I hand them over to her and apologise for the state they were in, after spending time on the back of the old cart. She gives me the kind of smile I have grown used to from the opposite sex and said, “Don’t worry about that I’m just glad I’ve got something to wear now!” She glances back at me and another smile flashes across her face and I recall my mother’s words, “Jack you are a ‘looker’ and you will turn girls’ heads when you are older.” I can’t see it myself but I always seem to have had girls smiling and giggling at me from as early as I can remember and here was another one! I smile back at her but her gaze turns towards her daughter who is now clinging to her legs and realising that she still had the box containing the two chicks in her hand says to her in a soft reassuring voice, “Give the chicks back to the nice men.” “What do you think dad?” I shouted! “Nah! Let her keep ‘em, the poor mite has had enough upset for one day.” The look on the little girls face was enough; she had no need to thank us. I called to Sam to walk on and as we moved off the little girl’s mother blows me a kiss. “You ‘wanna’ watch out for that one!” dad said with a wink of his eye.
Everything was going well for us until August 1940 when Mr. Hitler’s bombs begin to fall all over the Birmingham and the Black Country. There are public air raid shelters provided but the majority of people, including us, have built “Anderson Shelters” in their gardens. Most of the bombing was aimed at Birmingham and the surrounding factories because they are helping the war effort by building aeroplane components, tanks, military vehicles, shells and suchlike.
Understandably around this time most of the blokes from the area have been or are about to be conscripted into the armed forces, the only exceptions being those working in reserved occupations such as doctors, miners, farm workers, teachers and the like. My “faither” didn’t get called up but this wasn’t because the rag and bone trade was considered a protected occupation! No, in dad’s case it was to do with his age and so he joined the local home guard instead.
Over the next couple of years or so we carry on in much the same way but for me the job has become mundane, especially when compared with the exciting lives of the young soldiers, who tell their stories in the pubs around town when they are home on leave. I’m bored with my life and I long to join the army. The year is 1942 and on my seventeenth birthday I go to enlist. I lie about my age and explain to the authorities that I have lost my birth certificate. Sadly for me they decide to check my date of birth themselves and send me a letter explaining that I had to wait another year or so. There was nothing for it I join dad back on the old horse and cart and together we collect as much………………………………………………….


Think Lucky

Think Lucky

Some may remember that dear lady Evadne Price who for many years followed the news on ATV television with a daily astrological spot called ‘seeing stars’ where she read daily predictions for the sun-signs from a large leather volume perched on her lap she always signed off the programme with the words “think lucky and you’ll be lucky”, which I used to think was a contradiction, when making a prediction about life’s pre-determined pattern.

However no matter what life has in store I am convinced that a person can create luck from any situation. “It’s not what happens it’s the way that our minds see it”. E.g. to some a thunderstorm is a frightening experience, to others an invigorating spectacle.

Psychologically speaking, thinking optimistically can be a great aid to getting the most out of any situation in life. To achieve this a good technique is to live for the moment and not worry about the events of the past or be concerned about future situations which the mind can logically anticipate which probably will never turn out the way you think anyway.

Or choose a person that you see as an icon, or someone you really admire, like an actor, imagine that you have their persona copy their actions and think as you imagine they think.

(More information about the TV legend Evadne Price, watch this space)


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From John Starkey life president of the Psychic Research Foundation of Great Britain.


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